Day 11: The Samarthanam Project


5006873The theatre project has not been without its challenges. Mostly, having to stop rehearsal when there is a down pour because we rehearse on a covered terrace; however, with the strong winds the musical equipment stands the chance of getting wet. Our musicians, John and Ashok, both of whom are blind won’t take any chances and start packing up things straight away! Other times, it might be a temporary power outage or a key member of the cast wandering off because they have gotten bored…at the end of the day, though, Kusum & I generally have a good laugh about it.
Compassion. What is it really? Is it showing kindness in the face of adversity? Is it being open to all situations with a open heart? Or is it simply giving up our ego maniacal demands for some time allowing us to be open to the world around us? I don’t have the answer, but through this organization, I have experienced a different kind a dose of it. Perhaps true compassion is patience. And through patience, real patience, we simply: let go and trust. And with this trust, comes an openness that pretty much knocks fear on its butt. Fear is not a bad thing unless it starts to destroy relationships; the kind of fear that  tramples patience, patience that supports self-compassion. I now recognize that if one does not practice true self compassion, they will never be able to be truly compassionate of others. 
Why are we so afraid of compassion? 
I raise the question because my ego wants a “perfect” show, but my heart tells me, “these are the circumstances and this is the true gift.” Embrace it. Humor it. Accept. Have a little self-compassion. You are giving your best. And trust that all good things are on your side, even if the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate.


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