Day 6: Samarthanam Theatrical Project in India

The project, collaborating with the Samarthanam School for the Disabled, has been fairly exhausting and at the same time, exhilarating. The humor and compassion is unlike any experience I have ever known. The truth is that the world of theatre can be very cold and callous; not warm and fuzzy as often perceived by outsiders. It is hard work if you truly care about the outcome and not everyone is always up for that standard. Here, though, these students work tirelessly, without complaint, though at times their attention span drifts and it’s work to keep them focused; but when they are focused, they give it their all.
The truth is that I would rather be working with these students than be anywhere else right now, away from the glitter, press and incessant scramble for a potential award. Not that I am unlike other stage directors, everyone wants to win at some point; but I am not missing the “scene.” In fact, this experience is a wonderful time to experiment, really experiment, screw up, find out, and explore new ideas. And the best part is that: everyone is on board, there is no judgement, pure creative freedom coupled with hearts bigger than the sun.


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