First day at Samarthanam School for the Disabled, Bangalore, India

Writing rather quickly as I am dead tired after a 24-hour travel schedule. The surreal, deep pink sunrise seen from the airplane ascend from a sea of black was one of the most spectacular things of nature I have ever seen. I wish I had a photo. It will remain etched in my brain forever. Fast forward.


Now in Bangalore and today was my first day at the school. Very intense, seeing the surroundings-urban and disarray-pretty much what you can imagine, but, once inside this humble dwelling; there is hope, optimism and talent.


To the point, rehearsed two blind musicians for a performance piece using incredibly basic instruments: drum pad & electric organ; absolutely astonished at what they created; without frustration, complaint but simply interested perseverance.


The highlight of the day was when John said (yes, his name is John):”I have never done anything like this before.”


And I said, “Well, John, you have mastered what should have taken 3 days in 1. You are perfect.”


Back tomorrow to continue rehearsals.

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