Independence Day, India & final wrap up

Samarthanam School for the Disabled, Primary School, Bangalore India.
Founder: Mr. Mahantesh, G.K. 
Mr. Mahantesh, G.K. is a role model for humanity. HIs commitment to educating and empowering India’s easily overlooked is nothing short of astonishing. He has built a very dedicated and compassionate team; I am extremely grateful for my experience with this unique organization.

Independence Day!
I was greeted by the wonderful group of children as an honorary guest on India’s Independence Day. 

It was rather overwhelming, the outpour of appreciation. In my mind, I had not done anything unique, the only difference is that, I am able. It seems only natural to give when given the opportunity.

Once inside the school, several speeches were given. I was bestowed with flowers and a gorgeous gift. It was, again, too much, but that is the culture. They are so giving. I couldn’t help but ask myself over and over again: “but did I really give enough in the way of a theatre director?” I think for a first go round, perhaps I did. The students later told me that they had felt very challenged. It was their first time memorizing lines in English and delivering them as a character. We had to jump through some hurdles, but by the time I left, they had jumped high and clear of any obstacles.


We were blessed with two wonderful choreographers for this production. Without them, my overall vision could not have been realized. 

Pictured here is Amrutha with Manasa.

Thank you Amrutha & Kusum for your diligence and focus. 


Staging an adaptation of “The Lake in the Moon,” sans the planned projections and chosen costumes.


This is the Always Smiling Ashok! He claims to be a vegetarian but “loves” chicken; plays music by ear, has “500 girlfriends” and likes the topic: The Boston Tea Party…and that is just the tip of the iceberg!


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