Cloud 9 – Chicago

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Cloud 9 - Chicago

Cloud 9 is a play about complex relationships and cultural taboos offering significant opportunities to support the story visually. I was fortunate to collaborate again with gifted set designer, Courtney O’Neill, as well as creative wardrobe designer, Brani Ivanova. Together, we created understated environments and award winning costumes.

“Nothing sacred in this highly theatrical work of magic realism, which is quite different sort of play for The Gift Theatre.”

Jonathan AbarbanelWBEZ News

“…the confident ensemble defines the difficult characters with clarity and humor.”

Chicago Tribune

“Maureen Payne-Hahner finds humor in what could be a droll sociology thesis. Highly recommended.”

Chicago Theatre Beat

“Complex, provocative production has as much emotional depth as academic sophistication. Highly recommended.”

Chicago Time Out

2012 Jeff Award for Best Costumes for Midsize Equity Theater

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