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India - Musical Adaptation

Samarthanam School for Disabilities

The opportunity to adapt a timeless Indian fable for the stage for the Samarthanam School for the Disabled to open their USA tour and London performance. (see Blog). The goal was not only give the performers text in the English language for the first time, but to also raise the overall production values: costume, sound design and projections. The Bangalore based design team and choreographers were astounding and highly supportive of the overall vision.

“A mesmerizing dance and music performance of the highest possible standards by artists with severe disabilities.”

Asian Voice, London, 8th November 2014

Samarthanam School for the Disabled, Primary School, Bangalore India.

Founder: Mr. Mahantesh, G.K.

Mr. Mahantesh, G.K. is a role model for humanity. HIs commitment to educating and empowering India’s easily overlooked is nothing short of astonishing. He has built a very dedicated and compassionate team; I am extremely grateful for my experience with this unique organization.

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