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“WINSTON & THE DUKE” a new play by Rory Fellowes

A play set in 1925 that speaks to now. 

Seven years after the First World War and just fourteen years before the Second, Winston Churchill spends the weekend in Scotland with his close friend ‘Bendor’, the 2nd Duke of Westminster, for a spot of salmon fishing and convivial conversation – or not so convivial…

‘Winston and the Duke’ takes three great icons in the comfort of privacy and friendship, innocent of what is to come all too soon.

1925, the year that Hitler is released from jail and publishes ‘Mein Kampf’, returning to Munich to set up his new National Socialist Party. In Italy Mussolini has declared himself Dictator, and in November closes down opposition newspapers and asserts his will over the Italian parliament.

We hear of the rise of nationalism and fanaticism across the world, of mass migrations of war shattered peoples. Do we set all else aside to solve them? Or do we mostly get on with our lives, discuss them over drinks and cards, and hope it will all work out for the best?

History is not a series of inevitabilities, it is a sequence of events that are the culmination of many options at the time, choices and decisions that cannot be revoked. In  any period of history, people had no more idea of their future than we have of ours. 

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