Envisioning the Big Picture

Theater is a visual experience so, in addition to academic preparation, I find inspiration in literature, fashion and international trends.

Design values were highly supported by Chicago’s The Gift Theatre (special thanks!)

The designation of “Jeff Recommended” is given to productions when at least one element of the show was deemed outstanding by the opening night judges of The Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee. Cloud 9 and Talk Radio, both received this recognition.

“Cloud 9” by Caryl Churchill -The Gift Theatre, Chicago, IL

“complex, provocative production has as much emotional depth as academic sophistication.” Highly Recommended, Chicago Time Out

“Maureen Payne-Hahner finds humor in what could be a droll sociology thesis.” Highly Recommended, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Much emotional depth as academic sophistication…the ensemble defines the difficult characters with clarity and       humor.” – Chicago Tribune

“Critics weekend pick”
“Nothing sacred in this highly theatrical work of magic realism, which is quite different sort of play for The Gift Theatre.” – Jonathan Abarbanel, WBEZ News

2012 Jeff Award for Best Costumes for Midsize Equity Theater,
Wardrobe Designer: Brani Ivanova

Project Description: Cloud 9 is a play about complex relationships and cultural taboos offering significant opportunities to support the story visually. I was fortunate to collaborate again with gifted set designer, Courtney O’Neill, as well as creative wardrobe designer, Brani Ivanova. Together, we created understated environments and award winning costumes.

“Talk Radio” by Eric Bogosian – The Gift Theatre, Chicago, IL

1983849“A thick and potent production”-Recommended, Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz

“Director Maureen Payne-Hahner does imbue the interaction between the cast members with such firm reality…her subtle work also emphasizes Bogosian’s taut thinking and sharp sense of humor”-Highly Recommended, Chicago Free Press

“Part of what The Gift is all about is producing plays that tell stories with honesty and simplicity. This one hits the mark perfectly.” Highly Recommended, EPOCH Times

Jeff Award Nomination for Outstanding Scenic Design, Designer: Courtney O’Neill, http://www.courtneyo’

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