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Maureen Payne-Hahner, Founder and Director

About WIN

Writers Innovative Network (WIN) is a collaborative entity that shepherds and develops new work between talented writers and Payne-Hahner’s passion of directing new work. WIN was founded by International Director and Producer, Maureen Payne-Hahner. The self-initiated endeavor develops new work with the goal of full scale production both nationally & internationally.

The result is a fast-multiplying tribe of serious artists committed to astonishing audiences with daring, innovative work.

Current WIN Collaborations


A new play by David Mulei

Summer, 1918. Sixty-year-old Theodore Roosevelt is ten years out of office and shattered by the news that his youngest son, Quentin, has been killed in action in World War I. With his three remaining sons still at the front, Theodore shoulders the blame for inspiring his reckless boys to self-destruction.

This highly-theatrical drama reveals the tragic psychological and spiritual conclusion of a life defined by tireless crusade. It is this six-month chapter, often glossed-over in accounts of the great man’s life, which strikingly reveals Theodore to be a man divided. Publicly, he struggles to mount an improbable political comeback. Privately, he stumbles through the darkness with his wife, Edith, and two daughters at their Sagamore Hill home in Oyster Bay, Long Island. As his once-powerful body and mind come apart, he is haunted by visions of three generations of Roosevelts. It will prove to be Theodore’s greatest battle, a resolute confrontation with the often violent traumas he has spent a lifetime trying to outrun.

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Written by Silvia Peto
Contributed by Peter Coyote

A mysterious and malignant haze has colonized the city’s atmosphere. Plants are dying and the birds are gone. Numerous suicides are taking place throughout the city and the government has assumed ubiquitous and paternal powers. Soothing music is played through loudspeakers at night. Troubled people are consigned to healing centers, and an acute sense of watchfulness permeates the society.

On a once luxuriant apartment deck garden, four people struggle for normalcy, not only within the parameters of the impending environmental disaster, but with the vagaries of their own human nature.

Matilda is a doctor struggling to arrest premature childhood deaths with a vaccine that works sporadically but is all that is available. Matilda’s estranged husband, Teddy, a lawyer, is fighting her in court on behalf of parents who do not want their children subjected to the often deadly side-effects of this uncertain medication. Between them too, a corrosive feud festers. Teddy has always wanted a child of his own and resents Matilda’s dedication of her energy to other people’s children. This has led to betrayal and the fracture of their marriage.

Their neighbors and best friends, Phil, a detective charged with keeping a close-eye on potential suicides, and his wife, Jo, are deeply enmeshed in the lives of their friends. A secret within their marriage will upend their small, microcosmic community.

No matter the weather, the most tempestuous climate of all is the human heart.


A new play by David Mulei 

Historical documents, real-life expert witness reports, and trial transcripts are woven into the action of this full-length drama, which begins six weeks prior to the start of the 2000 Irving v. Lipstadt libel trial.

Gail is a research assistant struggling to prove that notorious Holocaust denier David Irving’s revisionist claims are not only wrong, but are hateful lies. But as she examines a seemingly endless pile of horrific documentary evidence from her cramped basement office, Gail is met with new and unwelcome challenges: her fellow research assistant is leaving the project; her closest friend doubts the value of her work; and now, most disturbingly, she finds herself face to face with a menacing vision of Irving himself. As Gail races to meet her deadline, she is pressed to the limits of her fierce self-reliance, and must confront the possibility that no one can determine when an innocent mistake becomes a deliberate distortion of the truth.


A new play by Rory Fellowes

Directed by Maureen Payne-Hahner

The play is set in 1925, seven years after the First World War and fourteen years before the Second. Winston Churchill spends the weekend in Scotland with his old friend Bendor, the 2nd Duke of Westminster, for a spot of salmon fishing and convivial relaxation. They are to be joined later that evening by the Duke’s latest mistress, Coco Chanel.

Winston is a politician, a liberal Conservative pragmatist, cautious about socialism but sanguine about the future of Britain. He is disparaging of Bendor’s ideas and fears, but he is vulnerable to Bendor’s attacks over the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. Winston envies Bendor his rank and his wealth (Bendor is the richest man in Britain); Bendor envies Winston his eloquence and political power. As old friends do, they are ever ready to push each other’s buttons, especially when they are in private.

But just before they come to blows, Coco arrives!

These are simply three people among many at the time, educated and informed as anyone might be, yet they do not, cannot know what the future holds, and in their different ways they make the wrong guesses.

In the first and last acts, at the river, we watch Winston’s frustrated attempts to catch the Fish (as salmon is known to the aficionados of this delicate sport); we see the man he is and the man he might be. His bulldog determination, Bendor’s teasing, and Coco’s patient coaching form the metaphor of the lessons Winston must learn to meet the burdens only the audience knows he has yet to face.


A new play by William Nedved

A stranger helps a distressed passerby on the street and is soon after drawn into the virtual reality world of The Game. As their avatars traverse the symbolic and time-bending landscape, the two players find themselves in love and at war, tempted at every turn by the formidable pull of nostalgia. THE RAVAGES is performed by two actors – of any age, race or gender identity – alternating roles at each performance, the interpretive possibilities shifting with each new iteration.


William Nedved, playwright

William Nedved is the co-founder of The Gift Theatre Company of Chicago, where his play Body + Blood premiered in the summer of 2015. He is also a member of the Playwrights Union and was a member of the Skylight Theatre PlayLab, where his play The Avenue of Saints was developed. Full-length play productions Northwest Highway (The Gift; 2011 Steinberg/ATCA nomination);

Fact & Fiction (Elephant Theatre, Los Angeles; The Gift); crying, waiting, hoping (Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series); A Young Man in Pieces and County Fair (The Gift); The Three-Way (Tap Gallery Sydney); The Two of You (The University of Iowa); and See Through You (Nuffield Theatre, England.) He also adapted Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author as ‘6’ for The Gift. His short play Kid was awarded “Best Production” at Collaboraction’s Sketchbook 2009. Against the Grain was part of the 1997 Young Playwrights, Inc. Summer Festival. Fate, an original musical, was awarded the inaugural 1997 Leonard Bernstein ‘Learning through the Arts’ Interdisciplinary Scholarship through Scholastic, Inc. A Young Man in Pieces and the short plays American Idolatry and Father Nature are published by Heuer. He also contributed the screenplay for the 8 Players short All Tomorrow’s Parties (filmed in one, continuous tracking shot), which premiered at The ArtHouse Sydney and was screened at the 2002 Los Angeles Short Film Festival. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Iowa; an MA in Theatre Studies from the University of New South Wales – Sydney; and an MFA in Film and Television Writing from the University of Southern California, where his MFA drama pilot thesis Hearts & Minds won the 2009 Josh Schwartz Award. His most recent pilot, The Sleeper, was a semifinalist in the 2016 Final Draft Big Break contest. Fun day jobs include Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and teaching at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy Los Angeles.

Seeking Voices

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