“Maureen Payne-Hahner has been invaluable to me in my development as a writer of plays. She is my mentor, my dramaturge, my editor, and not least, the director of my plays. As a writer coming from the world of film I have relied on her theatrical stagecraft and her sense of dramatic structure that has taken my first drafts through to the final work. She is a wonderful friend as well, and working with her is always a pleasure. She is always 100% supportive while remaining a merciless critic, with an eye for the telling detail as much as for the unnecessary waste of words, where actions speak louder, and light and sound can carry as much and more of the dramatic intent as any speech. I am confident of the plays I have completed and the characters who inhabit my plays, while being well aware of how much has been improved by Maureen’s insightful comments.”

Rory Fellowes, Playwright

“Maureen Hahner is the dramaturgical comrade-in-arms every playwright needs with them in the rewrite trenches.”

“She is a tenacious, committed, and passionate ally who fights to ensure the ideas in your head are fully-represented on the page. I have had the great honor of working with Maureen for the past three years, during which time we dug deeply into STUBBORN THINGS and THE CROWDED HOUR. The hours we’ve spent wrangling over script matters large and small have been among the most electrifying of my career. It would be hard for me to identify a page in either play that has not in some way benefited from her keen eye and instinct for pacing.”

“Collaboration with Maureen is not for the faint of heart. Do it anyway—if not for yourself, then for the play you tell yourself is complete but know, in your gut, is not.”

David Mulei, Playwright
The Crowded Hour & Stubborn Things

“Maureen has been an incredible partner in the ongoing journey to take Measurement from concept to stage, from giving creative insights and suggestions based on close reading of the play, to strategizing ways to get it in from of people. I am very thankful for her help.”

Jonathan Salem-Baskin, Playwright
Measurement: A Musical Experiment About Physics & Love

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